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Sourcing qualified candidates used to be mostly about finding them. Today everyone has access to almost the entire pool! What makes the difference is the ability to connect with talent and NetIn is the best tool available on the market today to do that! If you're serious about connecting with top talent then NetIn should be on your radar.

Simon, Recruiter (Government, DoD)

Top talent can be difficult to find as many of the best candidates do not advertise their availability on traditional job boards. NetIn finds these candidates and will get you hires. In the world of technical recruiting, NetIn truly is a miracle.

Michael, Technical Recruiter

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Access Full Contact Info

Get candidates’ email addresses and phone numbers.

Find Passive Candidates

Surface candidates as soon as they are open to new opportunities.

(We detect any changes on candidates public data that might indicate they are open to new opportunities.)

Search Across Profiles

See all a candidate’s profiles in one place: LinkedIn, GitHub, Quora, Stack Overflow, AngelList, Twitter, Google Plus and more

Massive Database

25 Million candidates and growing everyday

(500 Million individually aggregated profiles)

legend color of band matching color of company
indicates direction of flow of candidates

Beautiful Insights

Our technology enables unique visualization of candidates as they move from company to company. Get an overview of which companies to watch for or approach as the case may be when it comes to retaining or looking for top talent. NetIn delivers the ultimate visibility into the recruiting industry.

Advanced Search Filters

Locate Candidates on a Map

Find candidates by their place of residence,
see which candidates live closer to your company, a shorter commute for them means a higher success rate for you.