Netin Is Now Part of Crowdstaffing, a Zenith Talent Company


We’re excited to announce that Netin has joined Crowdstaffing!

Today, after weeks of diligent collaboration, we have finalized the acquisition.

What's going to happen to Netin?

As of today, we will no longer be accepting new customers to the Netin service. For active subscribers, we will continue to honor our service commitments to you through the end of 2017. To show our appreciation for your loyalty and support, you can use the Netin tool at no charge for the entire month of December.

Who is Crowdstaffing?

Crowdstaffing represents the future of talent acquisition and workforce solutions. It’s the industry’s first curated marketplace where clients, agencies, and MSPs receive unparalleled access to a crowd of independent recruiters who place local talent.

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